Lev Theremin – 120e anniversaire

A l’occasion du 120e anniversaire de Lev Theremin, Sergei Zorin a publié l’interview qu’il a réalisé en 1989 de l’inventeur du theremin, alors âgé de 93 ans. Un témoignage touchant où Lev Theremin revient sur des faits marquants de sa vie, répondant aux questions de son ami, Sergei Zorin.
Les sous-titres ne sont malheureusement disponibles qu’en anglais.

A visionner sur Vimeo en cliquant sur sur l’image ci-dessous.

Open.Theremin v3

Open.Theremin is an opensource & DIY Theremin produced in Switzerland, by Gaudi Lab.

This newer version -v3- has a lot of great new functionalities:
– easy to built (fewer part to solder)
– easy calibration (all automatic!)
– manual fine tuning for adjustments (really great if you use Carolina Eyck’s fingering technique)
– 3 registers
– 8 different sound settings

Open.Theremin v3 is linear and playable but it is not meant to be a theremin for trained thereminist. Compared to other theremin such as Moog EPro or Etherwave, there’s a lack of response of the volume antenna, some latency, higher sensitivity to its environnement. Nonetheless, it’s the cheapest (74€ shipping included – but not Arduino) and most playable theremin currently available (because it’s linear!). So it is a good option to consider if you like DIY, have an interest in the theremin and have a low budget. And it’s totally open source, so you can help improve it !

Open.Theremin is very sensitive to its environment and bad grounding. There’s a filtering on the volume (which makes its response a bit slower than Moog theremin) to make it less sensitive. Nonetheless, the power adapter you will use will affect it a lot. If you have noise problems, try out different adaptors. USB power supply can be cheap and therefore not very recommended for that.

Get familiar with v3 :

and compare with previous version v2 :